Ozark, Arkansas Historical Timeline


  • Apr 30 - Treaty negotiated for Louisiana Purchase, United States purchased from France the Louisiana Territory, more than 2 million sq km (800,000 sq mi) of land extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The price was 60 million francs, about $15 million; $11,250,000 was to be paid directly, with the balance to be covered by the assumption by the United States of French debts to American citizens.
  • Dec 20 - United States takes posession of the Louisiana Purchase.

  • Jan 01 - City of Ozark is founded. I'm not yet certain of the exact date.

  • Jun 15 - Arkansas is admitted to the Union as the twenty-fifth state.

  • Dec 01 - Franklin County is created out of Crawford County.

  • Jan 01 - Franklin County's population is 2,665.

  • Dec 01 - William Ambrose Parkes homesteads forty acres of land just south of the Arkansas River near Ozark. This piece of land would eventually be known as Parkes Plantation. (Sheldon, 1-4)

  • Jan 01 - Franklin County's population is 3,872. Ozark's population is eighty-four.

  • Feb 09 - The Confederate States of America (CSA) is formed by Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.
  • Apr 12 - Confederate forces open fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, effective beginning of the U.S. Civil War.
  • May 06 - Arkansas secedes from the Union. Confederate Congress declares war on the Union.

  • Jan 26 - Skirmish Mulberry Springs 5 Miles SW Of Pleasant Hill
  • Apr 16 - Confederate Brigadier General William Cabell led cavalry out of Ozark to attack Fayetteville, Arkansas and was repulsed by Union troops occupying Fayetteville.
  • May 08 - Union forces defeat the Confederate forces at Pea Ridge, Arkansas
  • Aug 30 - Union forces capture Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  • Sep 27 - Skirmish at Moffatt's Station near Ozark.
  • Oct 29 - Fighting in the streets of Ozark.
  • Nov 19 - Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address.

  • Apr 04 - Skirmish Charlestown
  • Jul 14 - More fighting in Ozark.

  • Jan 01 - William Ambrose Parkes dies, he is seventy-three years old. Parkes wills the 724 acre Parkes Plantation to his wife Nancy Parkes and his daughter Mollie Parkes. Exact Date is Unknown... (Sheldon, 1-4)

  • Mar 02 - Warship (Monitor Vessel) USS Ozark is commisioned.

  • Mar 14 - The oil room in the number two mine at Denning catches fire. One mule dies, work stops for three days. (Spectator Vol. 2 No. 73)

  • Jun 28 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo. World War I (The Great War) Begins.

  • Apr 03 - Ozark Elections take place. J. S. Turner - Mayor, J. C. McIlroy - Recorder, M. V. Waterfield, Finis Stockton, W. M. Pinkerton, Walter Williamson, Farris Greer - Aldermen (Spectator Vol. 6 No. ?)
  • Apr 06 - The U. S. officially enters the war by declaring war on Germany.
  • Nov 07 - Bolshevik socialists, led by Lenin, overthrow the Russian government. This is known as the November Revolution.

  • Jul 21 - Arch Compton of Altus is killed in action while fighting in France. (Spectator Vol. 8, No. 5)
  • Nov 11 - At eleven o'clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the war ends as Germany and the Allies sign an Armistice. In Denning, a long lasting UMWA miners strike ended at Denning #2 coal mine. All the Church bells rung, the mine whistles blew, people shot off dynamite and were wildly happy.

  • Aug 20 - USS Ozark is decommisioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Jul 28 - The Ozark Spectator runs a paid front page ad listing the Klu Klux Klan's voting ticket. (Spectator Vol. 11 No. 104)
  • Aug 04 - The Ozark Spectator runs a front page article denouncing its support for the Klu Klux Klan. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 2)
  • Aug 24 - J. S. Watts swears he is not a member of the Klu Klux Klan. The statement is notarized by L. M. Guthrie (Spectator Vol. 11 No. 8)
  • Aug 30 - A fire burns the business block of Denning. (Spectator Vol. 11 No. 8)
  • Sep 03 - S. I. Rosson swears he is not a member of the Klu Klux Klan. The statement is notarized by W. W. Adams (Spectator Vol. 12? No. 14?)
  • Sep 08 - In an ad for a back to school sale the Spectator asks, 'Did your vacation bring enough fish?' (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 12)
  • Sep 08 - The Spectator reports that several Denning miners will withdraw their support from the Klu Klux Klan for reasons not specified. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 12)
  • Sep 08 - Anonymous Alix 'Coal-Digger' threatens to chase Klu Klux Klan haters out of the county with a pick-axe in a Spectator article. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 12)
  • Sep 15 - Champ Hutchison is injured in a car wreck. This is the first car accident reported in the Spectator. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 14)
  • Sep 15 - Due to legal reasons the Spectator will no longer publish unsigned articles. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 14)
  • Sep 21 - William Blanscet, age twenty-five, of Altus is killed in a mine rock fall. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 16)
  • Sep 25 - Matt Weishaupt opens a movie theatre on River Street. Movies are $0.10. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 14)
  • Sep 27 - Judge J. U. ?Bourand? holds a public meeting to speak out in the favour of the Klu Klux Klan. (Spectator Vol. 11? No. 8?)
  • Oct 27 - Quorum court approves $3000.00 for a toilet to be put under the Ozark courthouse. The Ozark Spectator comments, 'There was never an approvement needed more than this one.' In the same session the quorum court approves $5000.00 to build a courthouse in Charleston. (Spectator Vol. 14 No. 80)
  • Dec 22 - A four year old girl, Edna Jean Mullen, asks for a doll, toy dishes, candy, oranges, and some nuts in a letter to Santa Claus. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 42)

  • May 08 - Deputy Sheriff Talley is arrested for intent to kill. He allegedly shot at George Edgin. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 81)
  • May 08 - Bank of Altus is made the state depository. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 81)
  • Jun 12 - Hamburger is $0.10 a pound, chewing gum is $0.025 at T. J. Parkinson's (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 91)
  • Jun 22 - Ozark gets a Harley Davidson motorcycle riding traffic cop. The county judge orders twenty-two speed limit signs to be posted around the county. Speed limits are: 15MPH in a city, 20MPH on a highway, and 6MPH around a sharp curve. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 94)
  • Jun 22 - Adams the abstractor man advertises. First advertisement for Adams Abstract in the Spectator. (Spectator Vol. 12 No. 94
  • Dec 05 - William Dean stages a Spanish style bull fight in Webb City (Spectator Vol. 13 No. 38)

  • Jan 27 - Franklin County is $100,000.00 in debt. (Spectator Vol.14 No. 59)
  • Jan 28 - Girl of the Limberlost is shown at the New Theatre. (Spectator Vol. 14 No. 58)
  • Feb 06 - Model Cafe advertises clean health inspection by state health inspector. (Spectator Vol. 15 No. 62)
  • Mar 03 - Ozark's 'colored' school holds a bake sale, makes $40.00. (Spectator Vol. 14 No. 69)
  • Apr 07 - Sid Forrest is elected Ozark Mayor. (Spectator Vol. 14 No. 80)

  • Oct 01 - U. S. Stock Market begins its downward spiral. The Great Depression begins.

  • Sep 01 - Poland is invaded by Germany. World War 2 begins.
  • Sep 05 - United States proclaims neutrality.

  • Dec 07 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. U.S. Declares war on Japan.
  • Dec 11 - In response to the U.S. declaring war on Japan, Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S.

  • Jan 01 - U.S. and forty-one other countries form the United Nations,

  • May 07 - Unconditional surrender of the German forces.
  • May 08 - VE-Day - Victory in Europe.
  • Jul 16 - U.S. tests the first atomic bomb.
  • Aug 06 - Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Aug 09 - Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
  • Aug 14 - Japan surrenders.
  • Aug 15 - VJ-day - Victory over Japan.
  • Oct 24 - United Nations is officially born.

  • Oct 04 - The Soviet Union (Russia) launches Sputnik 1 into Earth orbit. America flips out. Space race begins.

  • Feb 01 - The U.S. launches its own spacecraft into Earth orbit.

  • Apr 12 - Soviet Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space. America flips out again.

  • Jan 01 - Populations: Franklin County: 17,771 - Ozark: 3,525 - Altus: 817

  • Jul 16 - Ozark Mayor Todd Timmerman is arrested on a felony charge stemming from a misuse of city funds.
  • Jul 22 - Ozark Mayor Todd Timmerman is asked by the Ozark City Council to resign. Timmerman does not resign.
  • Jul 23 - In a special meeting, the Ozark City Council votes to remove Mayor Timmerman from the list of city personnel authorized to sign checks until the charges against him are adjudicated.

  • Jan 12 - This timeline is created.
  • Mar 03 - Todd Timmerman trial begins. Timmerman pleads guilty to all twenty-seven charges against him. Witnesses are notified they will not have to appear.
  • Mar 04 - Todd Timmerman is sentanced to three years in prison, six years probation.
  • Apr 25 - A reality TV show produced by the FOX network begins filming in the Ozark area. The show, to be named, 'A Simple Life', will feature two models, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. The pair will be filmed as they try to fit in as they experience the life of a small town. Most citizens in the area fear the show will place the Ozark area in a very bad light, despite the show's producer stating otherwise.
  • Apr 30 - Louisiana Purchase bicentennial.
  • Jul 16 - Freddie Ree, office manager for the Ozark City Water Dept. resigns due to personal attacks. Ree.s signature appeared on 14 of 21 checks from the Ozark Water Department that were used to reimburse former Mayor Todd Timmerman for payments he claimed to have made through his personal accounts. The checks were proven to be the result of Timmerman's false invoices. (South West Times Record: Web Site)
  • Jul 24 - State of Arkansas Orders an audit for the City of Ozark after the Todd Timmerman trial.

  • Apr 17 - Late show host Craig Ferguson mentioned Ozark during his guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. While telling Dave a story about traveling the country, Craig said he had stopped in "Ozark, which is a town in Arkansas," and discovered catfish. It was the first time Craig had eaten catfish. He described it as being "a tasty fish." This author describes Ferguson as "retarded."
  • May 17 - Late show host Craig Ferguson displayed a letter from Ozark mayor, Vernon McDaniels making Ferguson an honorary citizen of Ozark.

  • Jan 23 - Icy road conditions cause wrecks. Gambling machines seized in raid at the former Hill Top Cafe.
  • Jan 30 - Bank of the Ozarks is having the Riverbend Properties building razed at 5th and West Commercial to move ahead with a new parking lot. Judge McCain seeks re-election. County Collector Sylvia Knoles seeks re-election. 100 year old structure on Carter King Mountain burns due to electrical issues. High winds cause more than a dozen fires.
  • Feb 06 - State Trooper Sgt. Richard LeBow dies in on duty car crash near I-40 mile marker 20. Denning proposes sharing Altus Police.
  • Feb 13 - Charlie Battery, 142nd Fires Artillery, 2nd Battatlion returns to Ozark. Cell phone use among students during school is debated at the Ozark School Board. Mayor Vernon McDaniel gives his State of the City Report.
  • Feb 20 - City council approves marina project. Ozark Fire Department burns old house in west Ozark for training. Morris Dozer constructs new building for its subsidary: Precision Rathole. Franklin County EMS purchases CRAP.
  • Feb 27 - Ozark traffic signals being updated under a $315,000 contract, expected to be completed in early June. Marina plans featured on front page of the Spectator. Motorhome plunges off of Highway 23 North. Eighteen people make the obituaries.
  • Mar 05 - Katherine Ramey new Miss OHS. Online sting operation catches man trying to nail a 14 year old.
  • Mar 12 - Snow! Geezers in Ozark shake canes at skaterboarders, bikers. Ozark schools will lose $150K because of new state formula. Postal truck catches fire.
  • Mar 26 - Altus votes certified by judge. Disaster area declared; EF1 tornado confirmed in the Peterpender (lol), Ross Road and Shaw Loop road areas. Unemployment rate is %5.2.
  • Apr 02 - Bank of the Ozarks begins contruction on a 27,615 square feet building to be named after Kennith Smith. Certification of Altus mayoral votes appealed. Gas is $3.23 an effing gallon.
  • Apr 09 - Altus agrees to Denning's police protection request for $10K anually. Large crowd attends underage drinking meeting. Firefighters answer Butterball alarm.
  • Apr 16 - Heavy rains cause flooding, author sick of reattaching siding to his house. American Spiritwear to move into old Garan building; offer 40 jobs. Ozark gets new welcome signs.
  • Apr 30 - ATU-Ozark plans to build a a new student services building. A couple shootings and a stabbing round out the week on a good note.
  • May 21 - Bill Pearson is the new circuit judge.

Author's Note: This site was done as began as a school project in 2003. Aside from a few half-hearted attempts has not been touched since. The data was collected from several sources, primarily the local newspaper in Ozark, AR; The Ozark Spectator.


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